TechBio UK: Frontiers of Discovery

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TechBio UK will return to London on Wednesday 16 October 2024

Working at the interface between biotechnology and technology – TechBio companies combine cutting-edge techniques to draw insights from a wealth of data - informing and transforming drug discovery and Deep Biotech.

The work of these companies and their ground-breaking technologies has never been more relevant, both in terms of getting more targeted life-saving cures to patients faster and creating transformative, fundamental solutions to global sustainability.

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Showcase the technologies and the people


Debate the infrastructure required to maximise impact of TechBio in the UK and beyond


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Explore shared challenges and provide practical advice for companies - in particular SMEs and Start-ups

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Network the UK TechBio community to explore collaboration


If you are a TechBio company looking for your tribe, or a Biotech, Pharma or investor looking to tap into the potential, don’t miss TechBio UK!

Register now for early bird discounts and contact us for supporter opportunities.

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400+ attendees

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50+ expert speakers